About Us

About Us

About Radiant Neo Infomatics Solutions Pvt Ltd

The technology landscape is evolving at a scorching pace. Very few service providers have been able to keep up with the blistering speed at which technology is improving lives. 


RNI Solutions is one such forward-looking IT expert that stays nimble to develop future-ready custom software and solutions.


RNI acts as a success enabler and allows businesses to leverage technology and herald digital transformation. With years of experience and versatility in offerings, we come across as the preferred tech expert your business needs to outpace your competition.


We help you remain agile to shifting market demands. Our one-of-a-kind custom software lets you remain lean and profitable. The solutions are designed to keep up with your customers and business needs, and hence they deliver amazing ROI over the long term.

Why Choose Us

We Provide World Class
IT Solution Service

? Best IT solution provider

RNI in its 10+ years of active presence in the IT Industry has had a fair share of its successes attributed to excellence with on-time every time policy!

RNI has Software Engineers hand-picked from the large talent pool of young & talented Software Professionals from various cultural backgrounds!